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South Notts CBS Open Show (sponsored by Merlin Fairs & Books  www.merlinfairs.co.uk) took place at Highbank Community Centre, Clifton, Nottingham on Saturday 11 November, 2017. It attracted many regular exhibitors plus people new to the fancy and even some previous members.

The awards were placed by some rather well known judges in their respective sections. The budgies were judged by Robbie Keeber, whilst the Border & Fifes placed by John Holmes. Chris Jordan took on the task of placing the awards in the Lizard, New Colours, Glosters & AOV Canary. Well known in the Fife Fancy Fran Atkinson judged the Foreign & British, Mules & Hybrids sections.

Selected as Best Budgie in show was Margaret & Bill Walkers' Lutino Budgie which also took the Champion Best Any Age & Best Lutino placing whilst their Yellow Faced Grey picked up the award for Champion Best Young Bird.

Alan Kidger in the Intermediate section was awarded the Best Any Age and Young Bird for a Spangle Sky & Lutino (which also took the award for Best Lutino - Young Bird ) respectively whilst also collecting the award for Best Young Bird Albino. C Thorne  won the award for Best Albino & Best Albino Any Age 

Novice awards for Any Age & Young Bird went to Roger Fleming for a Lutino & Grey Pied respectively whilst in the Beginners section  Rob Bowler took Best Beginner Any Age with a Spangle Cinnamon Violet with a Green Cock taking the award for Best Beginner Year Bird. In the Junior Budgies section Rowan Sutton received the awards for Best Junior Any Age & Year Bird. 

In the canary sections the Best Border was exhibited by P. K. Whitehead as well as both the Best Flighted & Best Unflighted Border as well as the Arthur Moody Border Canary Trophy. Whilst in the Fife section the Yates & Spare partnership took the awards for Best Fife, Champion Fife, Best Champion Fife Flighted & Unflighted. H Lappage exhibited the Best Novice & Best Novice Unflighted with the Best Novice Flighted  being shown by C. Allen. Best Junior Fife was shown by Sam Hitchcock.

Best Lizard Canary was exhibited by H Slater. Whilst in the Colour Canary section  Les Parkin reigned supreme taking Best Coloured Canary and both Flighted & Unflighted classes. Ken Hitchcock was awarded Best AOV Canary and Best Novice Unflighted  AOV Canary with Mr & Mrs Raine taking the awards for the Best Champion Flighted & Unflighted birds in the same section.

Best Foreign Bird in the show was a very noisy Princess of Wales Parakeet exhibited by Alan Kidger (also taking the Best Foreign Hardbill award) whilst Brian Thorpe was awarded the Best Foreign CYB with a nice Java Sparrow.

In the British section G P Harris took Best Champion Hardbill & Best British Bird, with H Lappage taking the award for Best Novice Hardbill. Wez Kozlowski was awarded Best Champion Softbill & Best British Softbill with a nice Hen Song Thrush.  

The club would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges, exhibitors and helpers who made this an enjoyable show.

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8 pm Highbank Community Centre 
South Nott's C B S Secretary Margaret Walker 
0115 9747312
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